Oov Take Two (with a very special guest)

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Hello again! I apologize for the delay between posts. About a week ago I sustained an annoying and painful quarantine injury to my pinky finger (my WebMD skills tell me it’s an injury called mallet finger). Until yesterday I had a cumbersome splint on my left hand. Thankfully the Amazon gods delivered a new device to my door on Thursday night, so now I’m able to move again with more ease!

This is an Oov class that uses a long Theraband throughout. I have a light-resistance band, but you can use a heavier band and adjust the length of the strap to achieve the resistance you’d like.

Now that I am a full-time homeschooler (distance learning through the end of August!), I decided to employ my 10-year-old daughter to be my assistant during the video. At the end she told me she wants her own Oov so that she can perform the class alongside me next time.

I hope you all are well. There have definitely been some ups and downs the last few weeks, and I expect that oscillation to continue. Thankfully, all on The Compound (my family, my sister’s and my mom) are well. I hope the same goes for all of you. Please touch base when you can. I love the comments on the videos – thank you!

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  1. Thanks to Malia for that lovely message at the end! It turns out on Zoom that the person who is showing whatever it is sees it backwards, but the rest of us see it the correct way.

    Thanks for another great workout!

  2. Great session. It’s time for Friday’s class, so I’m going to do it again! I miss your help getting the band around my foot for hip stretch, among so many other things I miss without the in person Oov classes.

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