Me and My Mat (and cats)

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Welcome to the second installment of Mindful Movement Quarantine Pilates. In this class, I take you through a basic mat routine without using any props (aside from a chair). Please modify according to your body’s needs. Ninety percent of the class is osteoporosis-friendly, and I cue the exercises to modify that are not.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a professional production. My form leaves something to be desired in some of these exercises as I discovered “talking to the camera” and “performing Pilates” are not necessarily compatible experiences. There’s definitely a learning curve here!

Cat Update: For the those of you who heard me wax on about my trials with Thelma and Louise, you’ll notice they are featured in the first half of this video. They were successfully spayed (and yes, they were both in heat!) a couple of weeks ago and are *almost* normal again.

I’m hoping to get another Oov class up sometime this weekend. And, as I say in this video, if you have any props you’d like to see a class done with leave a comment or shoot me a text.

May the force be with all of you – sending lots of love. xo

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  1. The cat snuggled into your back while you were working was adorable!!! I so appreciate the workouts. I’ve been trying to do a walk and a Pilates class every day. You have helped a lot!

    Thanks so much.

  2. I just went back to rewatch cat pilates! It was nice to laugh out loud. (My husband thought it was funny too!) And, it was a really good, very gentle workout.

  3. Thanks A!
    When you said Side Lying Series, Siri on my iPad said, โ€œIโ€™m hereโ€. I told him to go away!

  4. So good to do mat again! Gotta live my quadrapeds ๐Ÿ˜‰. Miss you all! Thank you awesome teacher and friend of cats

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