Foam Roller From Home

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Here is a basic foam rolling class that only requires your roller and a yoga block. Nothing fancy about the sequence, but my body certainly felt better after doing it than it did before. There are plenty of places throughout that you could pause and allow for more time to release. Kind of true for life in general. Hope you all are well. xo

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  1. Allison,
    I haven’t taken the time until today to reach out and thank you for your generosity with these great online classes. They have been a gift through this quarantine, and even now, as we try to navigate what opens when and our own comfort level.
    Hope you and your family are doing well. Always good to see your face and hear your voice.
    Loved the weeks meeting your feline (especially as it layed down on your back) and getting to know your awesome assistant alias your beautiful daughter! Look forward to a time we can once again be safely together. Namaste.

  2. Thanks Allison. My shoulders needed that, and my heart and soul needed to hear your voice guide me through it. And I miss the whole Pilates Crew! Hope everyone is staying well.

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    Sharon, Thank you SO much for your kind words. It is interesting how much has changed in so little time. I miss you and all of the rest of the amazing people at the center so much. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message! I look forward to seeing you again as well. xo

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