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Here it is, my virgin voyage into making Pilates home videos! This video is a full-length Oov class, very similar to what we might do in a mat class at the studio. Props needed are your Oov and a folded up hand towel or thin cushion to help with your head positioning. Additionally, if you hip flexors are super tight, you might want to have an exercise band handy.

A big thanks to my tech-savvy spouse who guided me through this process and offered his movie editing skills (that cheesy music at the beginning? All him).

If videos are helpful, shoot me a note and I’ll be sure to keep them coming. Any critiques are welcome, too!

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  1. Lovely to hear your voice Allison (both written and in video)! Are there accommodations we can make if we don’t have an oov?

  2. Wonderful Ally. Better than any Oov class on Anytime Pilates. Made my Friday great again. Love you, looking forward to any more that you’re up for doing.

  3. Hi Suzan, All of the exercises can be done without the Oov, but I haven’t cued very well for doing it without. I’ll be posting more classes soon that don’t use the Oov. Hope you are well!

  4. This is excellent. And so good to SEE you. Looks like you’ve been doing this (in front of a camera) for years. Can’t wait to get back on my oov. xoxo!

  5. This was amazing and I am so excited to be able to take your class now! Great work! On the class, your website, stepping out of your comfort zone, all of it. So honored to learn from you and to be fortunate enough to have you at the center❤️

  6. Sorry I was late to class! You had the courage to do this Allison, and you NAILED it! Thank you so much. It’s the closest I’ve felt to normal for a while. And yes, I griped about mermaid, but since none of you could hear it, I didn’t feel I violated my New Year’s resolution. (And for a change, it felt good!!)

    I’ve been doing Pilates Anytime, but it’s not the same. You’re my home.

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    This comment brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Nancy. I miss everyone so much. When I make the videos I just imagine all of our people and can honestly “hear” the fun chatter in my head in response to the exercise at hand. Hope you are well! xo

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